Septimus Orion in Context

When this CD was released released in 2008, the cultural elements that make up Septimus Orion were not so obvious. The questions about gender that are raised in Clifford Meth's Queers were not as well recognized as they are now, in the post-Kaitlyn Jenner world. The exploration of fetishism has broken through to popular culture on a large scale with Fifty Shades of Grey. Caged highlights these unusual aspects of our society that make it so intriguing. We recognize the freaky and geeky as powerful creators of culture. Those who inhabit the margins are exploring the outermost regions of space.

Space exploration has become an in creasingly popular subject.We have the New Horizons Probe flying by Pluto, NASA posting space sounds to SoundCloud, and t.v. shows like Ancient Aliens. The time is now for the world to embrace the power of the "other".  Some of the cosmic information that returns to earth can be recorded as perceptable sound, just as music can be transcribed as an image.