The Farthest

I just watched a movie called "The Farthest". Its subject is the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space craft. Don Gurnett is one of the physicists interviewed in the film, talking a little bit about space sounds. Specifically, he mentions "whistlers" which are the sounds of lightning (in this case on Jupiter). These are among the space sounds used on the album "CAGED". Space sounds are a type of data, carrying information about vibrational frequencies. This is why we used them to create a soundtrack for the short story "Queers"-it demonstrates the principle of multilayered reality. You see, everything is a soundtrack for everything else. The information that each "thing" represents is part of a unified stream. Therefore, sounds from other worlds communicate to our consciousness on this world, evoking feelings and representing movement. That which is alien is different from us by degrees. Objects and energies within our solar system operate together, and in combination create a unique energy signature that can be called our system identity. Each variant within the system is both strange and familiar. Watch "The Farthest" and listen to "Queers".